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Who Are We???

We're those two " LOBBY GOSSIP" Guys who are responsible for most of the Reviews, Previews and Celeb Interviews you'll be seeing in our Syndicated Columns on thousands of websites all over the Internet!!!

When we sat ourselves to the task of a Central Site for the posting of our great and wonderful LOBBY GOSSIP Reviews and Journalistic Satire for all of the world to enjoy absolutely FREE of charge, and AVAILABLE TO ALL, we were faced with several major dilemmas:

  • The First Dilemma was "What to call our website?"

    "GreatandWonderfulReviews.Com" came immediately to mind.

    Much to our amazement was NOT REGISTERED. How could people overlook such an obvious website name?

    When we went to register the domain we quickly found out why nobody had registered the name, when Ibert couldn't type the name correctly twice in a row.

    We decided it might be good to use a name we both could type and also remember.

    The only thing we came up with that answered both criteria was, as you've probably already guessed, OUR OWN NAMES.
    That's how come we ended up with, which is kinda cool since this puts us on a first name basis with everyone that comes to our website, which means that YOU are on a first-name basis with us already, even though we've only just now met and got acquainted!
  • The Second Dilemma was How do we get people to come to our website to read our Cool Reviews???
    That's the part that we decided to LET YOU HANDLE!
    Instead of trying to hustle airtime and buzz space on the search engines, we've gone into the dynamic content business instead -- in short, we spend most of our time watching movies, listening to cool new albums and reading books, and we conquer our guilt by writing reviews about what we've seen, done and read.
    That's the stuff that every WebMaster wants to have, and it's the hardest thing to get really reliable and FUN material, so since 1994, we have provided it.
    We write the reviews. We write the parody. We write the comedy. We produce the sound bites.
    And then we invite other webmasters to put our reviews on their websites for peoples to read.
    Let's face it, since we are already on a first name basis with everyone on the internet we figure, hey, let's use our celebrity status to help other webmasters who might not have the celebrity status and hits we get...
    So, in a word, that's what we're doing.

So where the heck are all of these great reviews?

Just look to the left. There you'll find a menu of options. Just click around and enjoy. Since we are using XxaxxSoft's XAP program to post our reviews we are once again able to bring you our great and glorious volumes of Reviews, Previews and Celeb Interviews.

Now's the time to join the list of THOSE WHO WANT THEIR STUFF REVIEWED!!! It's "First Come, First Served".


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